Helping people and businesses improve performance and job satisfaction, and overcome adversity with goals, teamwork, leadership, spirit, and creative problem solving.

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I offer a number of training packages, each of which is customized to match your needs and the needs of your business.  Here is an overview of some of my programs.

Setting New Directions

Do you need to build a new team?
Does your existing unit need new energy and passion?
Do you need to merge existing units?
Are new members concerned they won’t fit in?
Are existing members concerned about losing their roles?
Is fear of transition interfering with performance?

This program will help you to:

  • Put the right people in the right positions
  • Generate Team Focus and Foster Positive Expectations
  • Feel connected to your mission and to each other
  • Address obstacles blocking high performance
  • Lay successful team foundations
  • Set your team up to thrive
  • How to interview and select the right people

    Team Storming
    Dealing with Transition and Conscious Incompetence
  • Despite your best efforts, do some of your team members resist change?
  • Do you see more frustration, fear, confusion, anxiety, stress, and conflict than usual?
  • Is proper conduct slipping, and inappropriate behavior showing its ugly head?
  • Do you find it a challenge to stay focused, and organized?
  • Are you and your team being overwhelmed with meetings, voicemails, emails, and reports?

    The Team Storming Programs will help you:

  • Manage Change and Transition
  • Deal with Resistant Valley Dwellers
  • Manage Conflict, and Mediate
  • Overcome Adversity
  • Organize yourself and your work
  • Manage Stress and Time
  • Maintain Respectful and Professional Work Environments

    These programs will help you learn to apply:

    How to identify Conflict Indicators
    How to Control Emotions
    Effective Conflict Response Modes
    How to Manage Stress and Balance
    Appropriate Humor
    Keys to Maintaining Professional Environments
    Resiliency Factors

Team Norming - Team Structure and Direction, Conscious Competence
  • Do common objectives fail because territorial turf interests take precedent?
  • Do project assignments and objectives fail because roles and processes are not clear?
  • Are your people compliant; are they are doing their work because they have to do it?
  • Do your people lack trust?
  • Is there one-way communication, fear, and intimidation?

The Team Storming and Team Norming Programs will help you:

Align your team around common, accountable objectives
Clarify Roles and Responsibilities
Agree on Optimal Process and Procedures
Apply Healthy Team Relationships
Increase Commitment
Build a Learning Environment

These Programs you will help you learn to apply and measure results:

Strategic Planning / Marketing Direction
Mission / Vision Setting
Goal setting
Exploring Possibilities
Project Action Plans and Management
Process redesign
Real-life problem solving
Case Assessment
Decision Making and Delegation
TQM Implementation

Personality Perspectives
Performance Management
Dialogue Skills
Facilitation Skills
Relationship Building
Impacting and Influencing Others
Role Modeling
Management Development
Presentation Skills
Selling Skills

I also offer complete custom programs covering these critical areas.

Teambuilding / Organizational Effectiveness

Community Development
Professional Work Environments

Excelling as a Person
Raising Expectations
Trust Building
Performance Management
Empowering Cultures
Recognition and Success
Energizing your environment with enthusiasm

Managing Change / Resiliency
Orientation / Kick Off Programs
Culture Transformation
Overcoming Adversity
Stress and Time Management
Surviving to Thriving

Presentation Skills
Dialogue Skills
Facilitation Skills
Humor, when is it appropriate?
Preventing Abusive Environments
Managing Conflict
Managing Differences
Managing Difficult Situations

Personal Development
Building Broken Spirits
Impacting and Influencing Others
Relationship Building
Role Modeling
Coaching Skills
Management Development

Continuous Improvement
Case Assessment
TQM Implementation
Innovation & implementation
Process redesign
Project action plans
Real-life problem solving
Goal setting
Mission / Vision Setting
Customer Service/ Customer Retention
Strategic Planning / Marketing Direction

For Schools and Universities:
Peer Development Programs
Life Skills
Social Skills
Problem Solving
Community Awareness
Culture transformation
Substance Abuse Prevention
Trauma Prevention and Recovery
Violence Prevention and Recovery
Dealing with a young parent's death
Dealing with the death of friends